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  • 69 k likes 😏

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  • How do you know how much the pokemon are worth

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  • The intro- HE TRIED IT😂😆

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  • Thanks for the link bought some 💪🏿

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  • I swear to god I predicted the nidoking

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  • i never got into pokemon as a kid

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  • how did randolf get both of the charazards

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  • bro that venesaur sell for a bit

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  • My mans childish!!

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  • 69 k likes, nice

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  • $20000 Pokemon box for a $30000-35000+ definitely a good pack

  • 9:12 what’s this song called?

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  • 28 ???????

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  • Childish hoodieeeee

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  • this may be really random but i just ate the best chocolate mousse ever

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  • That TGF merch fireee

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  • Love pokemon :)

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  • I genuinely got sad when simon said i’m 28 i’m getting old” never thought I’d hear that from the Sidemen 🥺🥺

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  • Simon is the best flute player

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  • I know im late but i personally sidemen and tgfbro should make merch together

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  • They getting mad on old charizard

    Sharron RobertsSharron RobertsPirms 13 dienām
  • Damn he shouldve said tgf since he has childish hoosie

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  • Normal people seeing magmar: Oh nice Simon BuTtHeAd

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  • How many times u think they talked abt it on the car ride.

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  • He just named the homie logic

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  • Please stop saying dollars your British

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  • I just got to rainbow

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  • Just made from 20k at least 100k ffs

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  • When you get chrizardand I smac my head now little blid

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  • Narutoooooooo

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  • Ur reaction wasn’t rlly that good for the charzard I would have pooped in my pans

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  • I got that Charzard and then I threw away my collection 😭

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  • Yo Burger King is not that good u are just punishing your self

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  • Did Randy really just say “mag-neh-meet-ee” instead of “Mag-na-might”

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  • Thought this was gonna be awful but it was one of the best videos I’ve watched

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  • him: **pays 20,000$** logan paul: *rookie*

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  • This was a good vid I'm just sayin

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  • This reminds me of old simon because he FINALLY uploaded to his MAIN challenge! 🤣

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  • No one: Absolutely no one: Simon: Grow-LEETH

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  • Where the discard packs at?🤨

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  • You dont deserve childish merch

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  • I realy hate your thumbnail face

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  • where should I sell my cards

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  • That’s the same IKEA I go to

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  • Let’s go repen the childish hoodie

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  • Randy WTF is your Keyboard

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  • Too bad these cards are all fake, would've been some cool pulls in there.

    Cassidy HiebertCassidy HiebertPirms 22 dienām
  • Ive started playing Pokémon go its super fun now in my country we have No restrictions so its easy

    Paul FrostPaul FrostPirms 22 dienām
  • Imagine being Randolph and getting 2 Charizards

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  • bruh

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  • Fucking mag neh mee tay???

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  • great video again... keep it up

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  • I liked the intro

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  • Man said miniminter in deptford uno🤣🤣

  • When they said “oohhhhh” after they got a charizard I said “oohhhh” too haha😂

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  • Time to dip it was a good time

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  • Ayyy 1 mil on a Pokémon video, go off Simon

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  • Nobody important cares.

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  • tfg bro hoddi

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  • Logan paul at home -

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  • Randolph pulled both charizards 😂

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  • When the booster box is more expensive than the car it is in.

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  • hi there

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  • Dam I do miss those cards from back in the day! WELL DONE MY FRIEND!

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  • @Memeulous

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  • Randolph got 2 CHARIZARDS ARE U MADDDS

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  • You realy packed 2 charzards

    Fish does GamingFish does GamingPirms 27 dienām
  • Yooo you needed to say what the cards are worth?

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  • Muh was throwing gang signs 😂 🤏🏾

    Icy BeamsIcy BeamsPirms 27 dienām
  • lol when i was 6 in 2016 i found my ants old cards and in there guess what there was a 1995 shadowless holo charzard which i through out sadly

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  • How does Simon say this pack feels heavy then pulls a hollow

    Caroline WingroveCaroline WingrovePirms 27 dienām
  • Did You Just Say Mag-ney-meet-ey?

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  • Randy is a humble and great friend 😃

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  • Why do they pronounce magnemite wrong...🤦

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  • Logan Paul what did you do...😂

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  • .

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  • Just gone and copied Logan Paul for views you little weasel

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  • cant believe he is 28 and im never going to end up meeting him :(

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  • How much is the dragonate worth

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  • Bruh Logan Paul video?????

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  • I was looking through my brothers pokemon cards after i watched this video and found two charzards.

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  • why did they not use gloves, it could hurt the value so much

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  • The way Randolph opens the packs hurts me

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  • How much that Charizard worth?

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  • Bruh so Pokemon cards are coming back, just gave my little cousin my Pokemon cards

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  • are these card fake

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  • Pov: you thought of kuruma from Naruto when you saw ninetales

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  • So did bill get banned?

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  • Sick

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  • buy eusibeo

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  • T.T Still need a unlimited charizard and venusaur. Then I will have a complete base set. Sadly the prices are jumping and i am not currently able to afford to spend on them. Sad times.

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  • Randy packing 2 charizards

    Calan Mac GamingCalan Mac GamingPirms 28 dienām
  • This video deserves more views people don't see it because you don't post frequently enough here

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  • Did he make money on the cards over the 2 vids if he were to sell them?

    Will DearingWill DearingPirms 28 dienām
  • This was lit

    AtrizzleAtrizzlePirms 29 dienām