Unbreakable Ice Cream Safe- How to make cool stuff (I made a class!)

8 dec 2020
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Enroll at Monthly.com/MarkRober and I'll see you in class!
So stoked to finally announce my creative engineering class has just launched today! Enrollment is now open until Dec 27 at Monthly.com/MarkRober (link also in bio).
This class is a hands-on, 30-day learning experience that will teach you how to use engineering and science to bring your creative ideas to life.
During this class, I'm going to share with you my entire creative engineering process from start to finish. You're going to follow along with me as I fully design and engineer 3 brand new builds from scratch... from how I come up the idea, all the way through bringing the final builds to life.
The best part is, over the month, you'll follow along with me and my process, side by side, and you will leave the class with 3 original, creative builds of your own.
This is the class I wish I had when I was starting out. It's designed to take your skills to make cool stuff to the next level, whether you're a beginner or a more experienced maker/engineer.
The class officially starts on January 4, 2021, and it will only run a few times per year, so claim your spot if you're interested!
See you in class!

  • You just ruined ice cream for everyone.

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  • mark you need to videos

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  • I love to watch mark rober

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  • Lockpicking lawyer is shaking right now

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  • The blender lock thingy, I NEED THAT and it will be a 4×4 rubix cube..... not a 3×3 rubix *cube* Find a THICC word

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  • *MARK* makes ice cream safe *ME* FUC K ING CUTS OUT THE BOTTOM

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  • Well I have a question can a 10 year old kid make a rocket ship by himself that is 100% percent reusable can reach an altitude of 10,000 meters ??? Do you think it's possible?

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  • Can I buy this I really need this :s

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  • Lockpicking lawyer

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  • Dear Mark. Why does you logo have left handed threads? It would be so easy to mirror the thing and get it right. Thank you.

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  • 18 thosand inr is way too much money

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  • So you know how to open it, how does it prevent you from eating the ice cream

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  • Did you forget that Uhh your housemates probably watch your videos???

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  • Even though this is an old vid, I just wanna say that my best time in solving a Rubik’s Cube is 22 seconds. Not to flex but...

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  • Sucker punch!!!! , led me to an advertisement. I like your videos but I don't like being misled!!! I'm not sure what else to say other than I am VERY disappointed. Tell the truth about what you are advertising, sorry but I call them like I see them. 22 minutes I will never get back!

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  • Bro is this man time traveling

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  • when Mark another Bill Nye making science fun XD

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  • Can you make touch ID icecream safe

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  • i watch all your videos in class to pass my science assignments

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  • *Do you know how nasa was created? U can see in my channel!!*

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  • My teacher gave me this link for science lol

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  • Your so cool

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  • I feel unsafe with 9000 people who don't like this video.

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  • In Brazil we just leave it in the fridge and no one touch it. Plot twist: we keep cooked beans in the ice cream pots.

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  • Is this invention really needed in this world it just seems like a lot of effort to eat some ice cream lol

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  • He made this video just so he can eat ice cream and other treats ;-;

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  • Mark Rober: I quit NASA Me: For what? Mark Rober: To make an ice cream container! lol like comment for a cookie, NOM

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  • The problem is, the icecream safe wouldn't stop me from eating all of the icecream after I get the lid off.

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    • This is a joke, btw. Great to see you making classes you help young engineers

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  • Cool

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  • This is so amazing. Though am late to the party, am looking forward to the next class. Just a suggestion: could you please allow us to see the cost of the course and the tools required for it? Some of us don't have $$ always available and have to save over a while 😅😅 ..and wouldn't want to miss out on this!! Thank you!!

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  • "This crab is so undercooked I can still hear it singing under the sea" gordan ramsay

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  • Mark, I just want to say that you are a genius and I want to be like you when I grow up. Can't Wait to see your next vid! :)

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  • I was learning how circuits work and im 11

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  • I'm sad because I not only missed the class but I'm a broke kid who's mom doesn't like helping with things like this(hands-on projects she hates)😢

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  • If you were interested, the copper piece you threw in the buggy, is used when installing new plumbing under sinks and such. Used quite a bit

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