The People Who Killed My Minecraft Dog Hunted Me Down

15 feb 2021
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The People Who Killed My Minecraft Dog Hunted Me Down
This is the continuation of My Friends Killed My Minecraft Dog And I Got Revenge and My Minecraft Friends Saw My Tiktok And Griefed My Base
My Friends griefed me so I turned into mini technoblade and spawned withers everywhere. They got angry so assembled 10 people to take me down. Our war is soon. Ajthebold
Song Giorno Theme
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    • @IPAD gaming execute order 66

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    • I don't have twitter

      Orlando De vosOrlando De vosPirms 11 dienām
    • Rip I can’t join because I can’t sign int twitter

      Kyle TranKyle TranPirms 11 dienām
    • If they have a obsidian base use the whither if I am correct it has become more stronger and can destroy obsidian

      pratima badupratima baduPirms 11 dienām
    • You should try to build a giant trap so they die and can't respawn FOREVER

      John Reyner JardinianoJohn Reyner JardinianoPirms 11 dienām
  • This isn’t no friend it’s an demise.. I’m in the war. R.i.p biscuit

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  • The chad

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  • Jojo time

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  • What that music:p

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  • I just love their reactions

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  • They killed your dog now kill them

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  • That’s. E when players mess with me

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  • is this bedrock or java?

    shiny registeelshiny registeelPirms 4 Stundām
  • This man is just a young dream

    TodorokilazyTodorokilazyPirms 6 Stundām
  • Them: HOW'D HE GET THAT SO FAST?! Him: Mere mortals, SUFFER. Me: YUSSSS GET THEMMMM! Also me: I have far too much blood lust-.

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  • So can I really help out if I join your discord. If you reply to me, I'm gonna join and help.

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  • They're so bad there armor and swords and brains sucks last episode they saw you open an ender chest and left you and got you to prison without checking if you have stuff

    Amjad QurbanAmjad QurbanPirms 7 Stundām
  • Hey AJ can i talk to you on discord because for some reason it won't let me use Twitter and i really want to join the war because what your friends did to you is just wrong and I'm not going to let that slide

  • When you came from the hill with netherrite armor and they said you don’t have armor you should have put the audio clip from Star Wars where Luke said “YOU UNDERESTIMATE MY POWER!”

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  • oh my!!!!!!!!!

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  • Is it really that hard just to ban them from you’re world!?!

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  • Is this scrippded or what cus it’s too good to be true

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  • Petition to make the slowed giorinos theme The AJ boss music

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  • The new dream

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  • Until I download minecraft with creative I would get maxed out gear and join your discord sever

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  • Hold up they sound so young!!!

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  • Epic jojo moment

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  • i heard giorno theme

  • omg I wish I could sign up- I don’t have Minecraft on a computer- ;-; best of luck to you and the soon-to-be army!

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  • Fake

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  • Sorry,i want to join but i dont have twitter

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  • Man I'm so fucking angry I wanna join but I don't have minecraft

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  • hi

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  • Hahhahaha

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  • Imagine if dream met aj and battled

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  • imagine aj coming after you

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  • I feel like almost everything is a jojo referance

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  • dude i’ll help you but i ain’t no pro ok i’m gonna need some gear nothing too fancy and just so you know i ain’t good at killing but if it’s a trap then i’m a little better ps4 name is yousif saman but i don’t have plus but if you have a ps4 then i might be able to help also i couldn’t download twitter or discord but next year i’m getting a ps5 so if minecraft is on the ps5 i might be able to help you if you have one

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  • I need money for Minecraft,if I could I could've helped you but have no money,sorry.

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  • Dont mess whit a GOD...

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  • He’s mad

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  • I will kill them😡

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  • I’m interested but I don’t have a Minecraft acc :(

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  • Sadly i cant join cause im not a java player

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  • Next video aj with one stack of enchanted golden aples

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  • 1 ON 3 cmon aj your scared.. phew seconds later... GOD MODE

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  • the next dream

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  • You are the minecraft version of John wick

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  • I can’t join the war bc I’m in cracked Minecraft until my birthday :( ( if u don’t know what that means my brother is giving me a Minecraft acc until my birthday which is March and I play on cracked Minecraft so I can’t join most servers it’s sad)

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  • "GUYS HELP ME" *Famous last words before his death*

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  • 0:43 You here Giorno's theme you know it's over.

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    • Exactlyyy

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  • Biggest anime plot twist

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  • I Bet u guys didnt know hes playing giorno giovana theme but in slow

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  • This so fucking cooollll

  • I've watched three of your videos and I am officially a fan of you. you are the god of Revenge

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  • what is that music

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  • 0:43: creeper blows up Aj: holds up shield Aj: still at full health

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  • The music makes it 10x better

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  • can i join the server

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  • Wheres discord link

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  • Call an ambulance!! Call an ambulance!! But not for me!!

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  • Do you play Java I play bedrock ☹️

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  • Usernames AwesomeHann

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  • I can help with your war

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  • imagine he makes a video of him banning them

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  • Wheres biscuit 2.0 :(

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  • This is similar to john wick,isn't it

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  • Discord Invite

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  • Send me tge ip

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  • Im up

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  • Your friends are mean Just unfriend them and start ur own world alone to end this drama

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  • "He doesnt even have armour" AJ: You wanna bet?

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  • I shall join the war

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  • Let me join war name fin craf

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  • I’m can’t help I’m on ipod

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  • i can help im "pro in pvp"

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  • i can help im "pro in pvp"

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  • i can help im "pro in pvp"

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  • this acting deservers an oscar

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  • So, nobody gonna talk how he can get so many god apple everytime he start disintegrate his enemy?

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  • Lucky for you that the hunters aren't smart enough to bring an ender pearl lol

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  • I sind in to the war

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  • He does sooo much damage because he is technoblade

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  • I was like dude you a killer and my sis say your a hahahahahah I was like shut up sis

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  • Them: Your surrounded AJ: All I'm surrounded by is fear and dead men

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  • His better than dream

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  • I want to sign up

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  • jojo

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  • Legend

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  • Sign me up pal I am joining

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  • This is Part two after he escapes from his tomb

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  • Can I be in your army I will protect

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  • “This world shall know pain” -Some guy I dont know

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    • Pain from naruto shippuden

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  • I need discord is it on ps4 or pc what time zone british dutch or american and need some creative time why i message you prived via discord.

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  • I wish I had minecraft java so I can join this

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  • i just realized the song is giornos theme

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  • GiOrNoS tHeMe

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  • I wanna help you to defend our dog

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