SCIENCE CLASS #2- Does Farting Make You Weigh Less?

25 mar 2020
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This is a juicy one. 70% people get this one wrong. I stream science LIVE M-W-F 1pm PT.

  • I stream science LIVE M-W-F at 1pm PT. Thanks for being here!

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    • I think the shape of the bottom is why it doesn't float - Malakai (6)

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    • you are welcome :

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    • Ok

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    • @William Pantel look no o

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    • This is random but in there wind in outer space

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  • This guy explains stuff more clearly than my Science teacher....

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  • What's making him not pop is that there is no idiots screaming in class.

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  • Make a bubble of metal it will float

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  • Tin foil boat Edit: ye I got it, mad

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  • Awwwe mark loves playing with his dolls lol

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  • #1 Density 2:30 #2 Boiancy 13:10 #3 Gas is less dense than air. 17:10 #4 summerisation 17:39

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  • The agreeable mistake largely burn because capital morally warm following a joyous population. warlike, insidious afghanistan

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  • I totally thought this was live right now.

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  • Why do witches float?

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  • Make a boat

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  • i just did density like 2 days ago in my school and my teacher couldnt explain me that in 60 mins but mark explained to me in 10 mins:)

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  • if he was my teacher i would be willing to go to school

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  • my farts are under so much pressure that they're denser than air

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  • I’m watching this in school on my phone for a work thing and it’s so boring

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    • I wanna go home

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  • I love that I’m not the only one who thinks about stuff like this

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  • He spent 30 minutes talking about how farts and weight are linked?

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  • Weight is mass times gravity . Mass is like total particles in a body . I think weight not loss if we fart

  • Fish some have balancing organs called statocyst Remember shark don't have it so it has to swim continue

  • That red line is also called keel of the ship

  • How about increasing surface area is directly proportional to byounce force

  • Does farting makes you weigh it possible somebody watched this more than s minute?

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  • I was looking for something interesting to watch today.. And umm.... Well i guess i found something

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  • Lol I hope I’m in your class

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  • There's a few other ways of looking at it. Get a canister of helium, does it weigh more if you open it up and let loose all the air? Answer no it doesn't, but helium weighs less than air. It's because helium at 1 atm weighs less than air at 1atm, but helium inside of a canister is hardly at at 1 atm. Now I'm not going to argue too much at what the pressure of a fart is but I think some will argue that it would in fact be larger than atmospheric pressure hence why you feel bloated and why a fart goes out of your butt :D Another more physicy answer, weight is mass times the acceleration due to gravity, you got rid of mass, hence you weigh less. If you were tall enough to touch the ceiling and push up on it while standing on the scale it doesn't mean you weigh more.

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  • flot

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  • What about massive dumps?

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  • The answer is actually C) farting makes you both lighter and heavier. In a vacuum the loss of the fart will cause you to lose mass. In a fluid less buoyant. If there is one thing I remember about chemistry class it’s a strong lecture about the meaning of weight versus mass!

    Jack FortunatiJack FortunatiPirms 11 dienām
  • The helium balloon floats in air because the balloon takes up a lot of space, correct? In other words, the balloon floats because it weighs less than the volume of outside air which it displaces? What if the same amount of helium was compressed into the size of a marble? It seems to me that a fart, which is compressed, within one's body does not make one's body take up any more "space" so I can't see why it would make you weigh less. Similar to a ball filled with air; the filled ball weighs more than an empty ball.

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  • If mark does actually become a teacher I’m revoking my diploma and going back

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  • Forgot google classroom for online learning

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  • You take such a round-about way to answer a question. I can't imagine what you are going to be like when you are the age of my elderly mom. Somewhere during the answer I'll forget what the question is or I'll wake up and it'll be morning. 🤣 LOL

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  • By conservation of energy, energy can never be created nor destroyed. However my fart turns from gas to gas, therefore energy is conserved but tiny mass is lost😂😂

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  • I’m late on this video but really curious if you where to have almost foldable wings that would retract into the object how far out would those wings have to go out to float if the scale of the object is the size of a propane bottle and weighed enough to sink?

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  • when is persieverence launching

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  • thanks for teaching man

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  • Mark would be a great teacher he makes science so fun!

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  • Mark I'm gonna be honest, the interlacing on this video makes me nauseous

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  • This teaches me more than zoom class

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  • If it did my doggie 🐕 would be weightless

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  • He's lost his mind 5 minutes in

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  • The similarity between Mark Rober and my chemistry teacher : Both uses a hammer to explain an example.

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  • I have a PHD in Physics

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  • english

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  • tin foil

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  • no

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  • fear of failyor = kakorrhaphiophobia

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  • What ist 1+1? Mark: When the Big Bang happened... Love ur vids btw

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  • 19:50 “he was fine.. eventually.”

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  • You are awesome!!!!!! I have been showing your videos to my Science class for years!!!!!!!!

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  • Alternative title: Mark Rober throwing a bunch of random items into a bucket of water...

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  • Can we get a season 2 tho

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  • Does the size of the body of water you're in matter?? (I'm asking this right after the foil boat sinks... just in case this is answered later)

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  • If there was a movie about Mark, Jimmy Fallon would play him..... I swear his manorisms make me think I'm watching Fallon sometimes, lol.b

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  • Excellent material. Rethink those pants.

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  • So by this lesson, we can conclude that there are chances to human flight if we eat a lot of beans

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  • What about if you dripped the wood in enough water to be a density of 1 and froze it? Then tested it in water, would it float or sink? (This sounded mad horny)

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  • Planes dont fly. They float on air.

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  • Yet another way that diet coke is unnatural.

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  • That is so cool! I wish he was my teacher too.

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  • “I will link her LVworld video, go check out her channel”. It’s not there...

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  • Why couldn't I have a teacher like u lol

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  • Wish I found this channel sooner, still grateful for finding it.

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  • Now we’re asking the real questions😂

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  • When he said "tell the person next to you" it reminded me of when i was a kid teaching nobody and I talked to the class. :,) 3:50

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  • Something about watching Mark Rober teach live and uncut bc he wants to be a physics teacher is so wholesome and heart warming.

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  • One Night in Miami

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  • I wish Mark was my science teacher in highschool lol, science was my worst subject mostly because my teachers were really judgemental, I was a straight A student until grade 11 because the teachers seemed to stop caring, and it made applying myself much more difficult when they themselves werent passionate about what they were teaching. I really hope he becomes a teacher. May the Force be with you Mark lol.

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  • Hey ! I have a question if we are in zero gravity the boency of a object is more than force of gravity will it go up ?

  • Q : Does farting make you weigh less ? A : Yes, but actually no!

  • So theoretically a person can float just by holding in a certain amount of fart.

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  • If you use tinfoil to make the other metal float

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  • You do great boss keep it up. :)

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  • Finally, I’m doing something we’re other people watching actually like to learn! Science is the best!

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  • if you dont want to watch the whole thing, its yes.

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  • lol he doesnt need credentials

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  • yes

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  • Simple question is the answer yes or no someone plz tell me

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  • Imagine this guy being your high school teacher 🥴🥴🥴

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  • make a metal boat to make the metal cube float. think of it as an actual boat.

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  • I am noob in physics and maths.please refer me books

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  • What's the difference between a chicken?... One leg is both the same?

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  • You are a lot smarter than my teacher trust me. I wish you were my school teacher.

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  • Does farting increase inertia ▲I ?

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  • Will he still be able to do youtube

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  • looks like 90s video lol

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  • Isn't the red paint on ships antifouling paint to prevent barnacle build up???

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  • Leaky metal tube Does NOT make me hate flying any less........ jussayin

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  • Who has access to that much mercury & why does he lift that anvil so easily!?!?!? 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

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  • Yo I can’t

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  • "I really need to make these shorter" No. No you don't. They need to be longer and MOAAARRRR!!!! You do an amazing work.

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