Picking Up Little Sister from High School in 1000HP GTR!

5 feb 2020
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Picking Up Little Sister from High School in 1000HP GTR!
My Last Video on this topic, Picking Up Little Sister from High School in LAMBORGHINI! ( lvworld.info/face/video/iMeSfK20mtB9gdg ) got over 10M views... so for this upload I thought why not use the world famous Guaczilla AKA my 1000HP Nissan GTR, this thing is faster than any car I have driven and after seeing so many youtubers re create this video with the Lamborghini Huracan I decided I had to do it again with my gtr.... WHAT SHOULD I USE NEXT??

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outro song! lvworld.info/face/video/pMPEdW-iZr6Lg50

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  • she like ,"what r u doing stepbro?"

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  • Yo what happened to that girl that accepted your ride, and was pregnant and went to the hospital? Did she try to Sue you? Was her Husband mad at you? How much trouble did you get in?

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  • Her: I think your car just farted? Tanner: No that was me (SO CASUALLY) Literally a mood

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