Minecraft Manhunt UNEDITED 4 Hunters FINALE

27 nov 2020
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Minecraft Manhunt UNEDITED 4 Hunters FINALE... This is the extended footage from Dream's channel of the "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters FINALE" video.
World Seed: -4221063993078745765
Original Video: lvworld.info/face/video/najMpoy7aKpmgLo
I thought I'd upload this sort of like a live stream. There's lots of silent bits and there's no music to set the mood, but hopefully it's not too boring! Most manhunts are around this long.
Unsure on if I'll do this in the future, but if you guys really like stuff like this maybe I will! I might instead make an "Extended Cut" or something that has full fight scenes rather than leaving in the uninteresting stuff.
There are points in this video where I check my phone, or I check my discord, or people grab snacks or go to the bathroom or stuff, obviously it's a long recording. Sometimes if I'm standing still or something that might be why. There's kind of awkward silences as well, but that's just what happens when you're focusing! Manhunts are a blast to record, and I'm sure you can see us bantering and the fun we have recording :)
0:00 Intro
4:59 George/Sapnap chase
8:40 MLG Ladder
13:34 Antfrost Iron Supply
18:55 TNT Surprise
34:18 Cobweb Surprise fight
46:20 Enter Nether
54:22 Enter Fortress
57:39 George Sapnap Fight
1:06:24 Leave Fortress
1:23:37 Pearl Trades
1:45:35 Break/server pause
2:03:44 Invis Leaving Nether
2:11:20 Enter Stronghold
2:40:18 Minecart Trap
2:44:23 Enter End
George: @GeorgeNotFound
Antfrost: @Antfrost
BadBoyHalo: @BadBoyHalo
Sapnap: @Sapnap

  • I didn't put music on this so you guys can enjoy it however you want! I recommend throwing on some tunes in the background while you watch :) There's also timestamps in the description if you want to skip around. Also, editors you may feel free to use any clips from this for edits or compilations or anything you want!

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    • Dream = god = Minecraft god + mine craft + dream = mine craft god this just makes me think that dream created minecrat

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  • BBH didn’t want the cords he just wanted George to slide in the dm’s

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  • when they said sayonara my weeb heart started crying lmao

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  • I Watched this video for over 5 times now-

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  • I still wonder why you don't just keep a lava bucket on you an proceed to just let it flow down the tower to mess with them and draw a circle or wall around the obsidian towers

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  • we got a sneeze reveal yall 1:32:53

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  • 1:21:00 “Ooh yay! That’s what I needed an wanted and needed an yay... so good” -Dream ✨Best Quote ✨

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  • Sapnap’s Fear When Dream Drinks A Potion

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  • Dream cheated in 2:10:21

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  • Ma mom :u have to sleep at least 8 hours OK!? Me: *spent 3 hours on mcyt* Also me :well I guess 5 hours is fine.

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  • Welcome to another episode where the hunter get hunted

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    • This is his second account :I

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    • This is his second account idiot

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  • Clay did good

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  • When I heard about the coffee pot I got me some coffee now I'm addicted to coffee

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  • The minecraft everest 18:03

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  • 11:56 "Gaga Googoo" - Words of a wise man - 2020

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  • clay is his name .

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  • Awesome video!!! Well done dream:)

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  • Alt title: minecraft manhunt but there's no music

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  • This entire video is just Bad asking everyone else for food lol

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  • "sayanara"

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  • 1:18:21

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  • Uh oh I think I heard bbh say holy shi- at 16:45 😳

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  • I like the unedited version of the video

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  • Bad: you guys are like a married couple Sapnap: that’s because we are a married couple. Dnf shippers: Wait that’s illegal

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  • Can i just say bad acts like he owns the place lol

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  • Please do more unedited because I watch this more than the real one

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  • "How'd he get stone??" The ravine is made of stone...

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    • I don't think he saw that he got wood so he was like "what??"

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  • Hey Dream Please put more unedited Manhunt videos up. I just love to put them up and binge watch them. It's also interesting to see how much time it sometimes takes to just get prepared for the next manhunter fight and encounter.

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  • This was posted on my birthday lol

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  • Is it just me who didnt relise that there was 4 hunters? I thouht it was just gogy sapnap and bbg 😂

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  • Me: *about to sleep* Recommendations: *DREAM* Me: Oh sure just 3 hours not that long, *1 hour in the video* Me: Damn i thought i was going to sleep

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  • I have-Minecraft too! My name is jessica. I’m a girl in Minecraft sometimes I play with my sister but she never ever play Minecraft before :(

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  • Petition for dream to release all of the other Unedited Manhunt Videos.

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