Minecraft Achievement Race...

21 jan 2021
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Minecraft Achievement Race... Can we complete some of Minecraft's most random achievements? Or will we die trying...
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This is a new 1.16 challenge we decided to try. We try to complete random achievements that are given to us each round. We have three minutes to complete our random achievement or we lose. Me and my friend Dream are both given random achievements and whoever loses first, loses the game. This was really fun and I really enjoy doing these types of challenges with my friends!

  • Sapnap I was born the exact same month and day as you! March 1

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  • 7:22 is that a spawner

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  • Why is this video age restricted

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  • I will not subscribe to you because youre killing all the pets on the dream smp!

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  • Everybody gangsta till they get:cover me in debris

    Techno cool Dream coolTechno cool Dream coolPirms 5 Stundām
  • minecraft fact: Wood buttons, wood pressure plates and wood signs don't burn, but wood blocks burn

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  • Watching this without voice lol

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  • Everybody gangsta until 'How Did we Get here '

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  • Wow

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  • No,.....no

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  • Imagine getting “how did we get here?”

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  • im still mad that dream didnt say *“oh sapnaaaaaaaaaaaaap”*

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  • Ples upload more content sapnap it’s the best

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  • Straight off the bat dream was like"oh okay well I have your mother so I only need 2 more" 🤣😂😅🙄😕

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  • Im getting ur merch t-shirt

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  • Why does Sapnap sounds like Chills in the beginning, A little bit I'm not sure about yall, but anyways, good video!

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  • Everybody ganster until: How did we get here?

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  • If link does not work the channel name is team dinos (all lowercase)

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  • It's triggering me how he's eating all his food raw

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  • 7:00 ?

    delilah molonydelilah molonyPirms dienas
  • How did we get here be like...

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  • Dream: have you found a sheep yet? Sapnap: no The sheep right next to sapnap: hehe Timestamp is 41 seconds

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  • Sapnap you are so pretty✨ please show your face on your streams again :(

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  • nice video

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  • #SuperStright

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  • I swear dream,sapnap,George,skeppy and people that do dreams clips have the same intro

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  • Hi sapnap

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  • Pebins

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  • Sap nap why Dream doesn't upload videos anymore

  • You killed Dream and he was screaming so loud lol

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  • R.I.P beloved chicken name:my chicken 2021-2021

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  • Put [Pet Killer] if you hat sapnap for killing the pets in the smp

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  • @twoplayersoneconsole stef che guarda questo video dopo aver inventato la TPOC SPEEDRUN:

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  • Imagine one of them got the all effects achievement that's game over

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  • imagine if George commented on your video about the part where dream should be honored to lose to you lol

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  • What about you played this and the very first achievement you had to get was free the end

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  • There is a man named Jesus he died on the cross for you and then he rose from his tomb in 3 days that's why they call it Easter

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  • Sometimes I confused between voices of dream and sapnap

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  • No!! Sapnap please put on ur camera your very handsome! and fight those haters you don’t need them! Ur handsome very handsome

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  • This is important I'm making a house in Minecraft and need to know ur fav color for sapnap

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  • Not to be annoying but notice in the picture for the video he was mining diamonds with a stone pickaxe

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  • :)

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    • :)

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  • Hey Sapnap Have you seen Dream's face???

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  • Bruh you know speak Greek (τι κάνεις ρε μαλακά Καλά εισαι)

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  • hey mamas

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  • ALRIGHT PEOPLE LISTEN UP! If you’ve been sending hate to sapnap I hope you guys know what your doing is wrong! Telling someone in college to go starve themselves because you doing like how he looks is wrong and just a d*ck move he’s in collage he’s probably stressing enough!! Leave the poor guy alone you don’t have to watch his videos if you don’t like him!! It’s an option you guys are so desperate for drama that your gonna bully a collage kid who’s probably the sweetest guy on the planet! It’s not right...it’s so dumb

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    • @Amy like why would they do that

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    • That's true

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  • Yeah. KIlling dream at the start was a bad idea.

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  • Who else noticed that Sapnap’s intro is the same as dreams.

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  • Hi sapnap

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  • Nine videos and you’re popular, you’re darn right that’s impressive.

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  • Why the picture of this video is like sapnap mining diamonds with stone pickaxe xD

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  • wow is amazing sapnap you pro sapnap im boy my name is gio

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    • wow

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  • hi sapnap im gio

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  • that turned in to manhunt pretty fast lmaooo

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  • Dream:I need 3 hoes,I already have ur mother so I need only need 2. Sapnpas mum: ...

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  • Dream and Sapnap sitting in a tree, K - I - L - L - I - N - G

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  • Cool *

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  • Hey sapnap there is a video named I can)t stop watching this dream smp animation by dreamsmp clips Go watch it it’s really cook

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  • This is my first time I've seen this LVworldr from dreams friend

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  • 11:43 No one: Sapnap: trying to smelt coal

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  • Love the silent “hunt” he put in the beginning of the video

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  • Btw why just why did you murder incident animals in the dream smp eh you murderer

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  • 10:29 when he said “this is so easy, this is so easy”, I got an ad for loan depot and the first words were “this hasn’t been easy”

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  • Dream (to the free the end achievement ) oh oh so you re approching me

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  • Why was I so disappointed when du du du du didn’t start playing

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  • I like how every time one of the members of the dream team, the other members are named: _My Friends_

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  • Sapling your skin is too cute

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  • ask dream if he has hangouts please?

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  • "NOO CREEPER it killed my chicken :((" act like your not the one who started a war about you killing animals

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  • Becuze u love filifi no

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  • Hi sapnap ilove your vids

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  • hi

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  • I know you don’t upload but you need to go to the dream S&P and remove the egg you need to destroy because it’s controlling bad boy he’ll take of the server just like dream do what you did when you encounter you try to blow it up but failed and blow it up with more TNT before you leave the guards out of the way

    Patricia FrancoPatricia FrancoPirms 3 dienām
  • SapNap was being kinda like mean to Dream so it was kinda like Karma that he lost lololol

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  • Just saw a tiktok saying "what Mcyt will u watch will ur bday Me being august: sApNaP :0

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  • Me: god I have a question God: yes Me: why did you make sap nap SO BEAUTIFUL God: because I made him a living angel Me: aww yes that it right❤️❤️ Love you sap nap

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  • Sapnap if u want to beat dream speedrun u need to break the end portal Click here how to break the end portal-------> m.lvworld.info/face/video/jMbNoaKxap16mMw

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  • DID YOU KNOW that me and you were both born on March 1st just different years if I was born the same year as you u cold be my twin ehmmm anyways happy late birthday:3

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  • lvworld.info/face/video/o96OnoyufN2Xg9w

    A CA CPirms 3 dienām
  • lvworld.info/face/video/o96OnoyufN2Xg9w

    A CA CPirms 3 dienām
  • lvworld.info/face/video/o96OnoyufN2Xg9w

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  • HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SAPNAP!!!!! Hooray your 20! Your olding... Anyways hope you had and awesome day

  • One of friends is simp for you

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  • iM rEAl.

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  • Achievement: beat Minecraft in 3 minutes

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  • Hi Sapnap HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!! :D I LOVE ur vids!

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  • sapnap: trying to get the hardest item in minecraft dream : ima just make it more painfull

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  • Γεια σου sapnap

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  • literally no one breaking diamond with stone pickaxe in thumbnail lololololol

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