I Tested Positive

15 jūl 2020
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I Tested Positive
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  • I have 0 sympathy for you, you reap what you sow.

    Doni HillDoni HillPirms dienas
  • I feel bad for the cameraman

    BirdBirdPirms dienas
  • People be mad at him because he is “selfish” yet everyone would probably be mad if he didn’t post videos that he did...

    Christides Da GamerChristides Da GamerPirms 2 dienām
  • Do you really have covid-19 plzz don't have covid

  • homeboys 21 and his mom has to tell him to call the doctor

    Jared HummelJared HummelPirms 12 dienām
  • You were irresponsible during the pandemic so it makes sense why you got it. You're lucky it's not serious but what about all the other people you probably infected and then the people they infected from getting it from you ect, they could die and that's gonna be on your conscience forever.

    QueenGloobyQueenGloobyPirms 13 dienām
  • We had covid in our house its not bad just a cold if u r not high risk

    Evan odenEvan odenPirms 13 dienām
  • they get tested every week and still acted like covid isn't a thing? this is why america is low on testing kits, letting all these morons get tested every week and leaving the rest to wait

    Abraham JiangAbraham JiangPirms 14 dienām
  • 8:37 he had the audacity saying “man I really don’t know how i got it”

    Smitha MadhusoodananSmitha MadhusoodananPirms 17 dienām
  • i feel bad look at his eyes in the beginning

    Imeanhair HairImeanhair HairPirms 21 dienas
  • These guys are so naive and stupid.

    The Busy BeeThe Busy BeePirms 22 dienām
  • all three of u are a bunch of idiots

  • Hit the gym bro. U tiny af. Gooduck on those herpes

    Odie NationOdie NationPirms 28 dienām
  • u should do a video with Lance Stewart again

    Shadow FosterShadow FosterPirms 28 dienām
  • tanner the next day: i feel better im going to another party t h e n e x t d a y: D I E D

    RGB BaconRGB BaconPirms Mēneša
  • IM MAKEING THE VIDEO FoR PEOPLE WHO ARE UNEDUCATED l i k e m y s e l f ok bro that sentence alown is more stupid than any thing iv ever said

    RGB BaconRGB BaconPirms Mēneša
  • Oh my god no......😞 he has covid

    Natasha StewartNatasha StewartPirms Mēneša
  • This whole “I don’t care” attitude pisses me off so much. It’s just so selfish. Yeah you all will 100% be okay, but what about your parents, grandparents, friends who have medical issues? These people are less likely to be okay. Start taking this seriously people, wear a damn mask, social distance, and don’t unnecessarily go out.

    CryptiC RayzurCryptiC RayzurPirms Mēneša
  • This whole “I don’t care” attitude pisses me off so much. It’s just so selfish. Yeah you all will 100% be okay, but what about your parents, grandparents, friends who have medical issues? These people are less likely to be okay. Start taking this seriously people, wear a damn mask, social distance, and don’t unnecessarily go out.

    CryptiC RayzurCryptiC RayzurPirms Mēneša
  • Why am I not surprised

  • i'm positive

    Jaxson KempJaxson KempPirms Mēneša
  • Y’all tripping it’s not that big of a deal. I’ve had it and was just a little tired for a few days. It’s not dangerous

    Dawson HorneDawson HornePirms Mēneša
  • Positive for HIV

    John WardJohn WardPirms Mēneša
  • Why is you being stupid

    Andre TaylorAndre TaylorPirms Mēneša
  • ***PEOPLE*** A positive test means three things and not necessary that you have covid19 specifically per the CDC website. If you test positive than a. you have a bacterial infection, b. you have one of many coronaviruses AKA the common cold, or c. you have covid19.

    silverhranchsilverhranchPirms Mēneša
  • Taner is a F R A U D

    Ghost SoldierGhost SoldierPirms Mēneša
  • Shutup tanner shutup

    Koopa McallisterKoopa McallisterPirms Mēneša
  • If ya'll just stayed at home...🤦🏽‍♀️

    Albus DumbledoreAlbus DumbledorePirms Mēneša
  • 12:37 when u friend tells u he’s getting married 😂😂😂

    Marcell SandersMarcell SandersPirms Mēneša
  • Bullshit! You got lucky. If you legit did than Covid info would be under your name. But thankyou for making everyone’s life a living hell🖕

    Megan is a gamerMegan is a gamerPirms Mēneša
  • These LVworldr put a huge fricking stereotypes on Americans

    General KlankerGeneral KlankerPirms Mēneša
  • What is the cameraman going to do

    General KlankerGeneral KlankerPirms Mēneša
  • The person filming 👁👄👁

    Jackie RogersJackie RogersPirms Mēneša
  • Hello

    Mr DuckMr DuckPirms Mēneša
  • i think we're alone now

    Erick LarsonnErick LarsonnPirms Mēneša
  • STUPIDDDDDDDDDDD I hate to say this but I’m glad he has it. He needs to learn. He’s an adult, he shouldn’t be this immature. I’m a kid and I’ve been quarantined since March. It’s SEPTEMBER. This is why FaceTime was made. You don’t need to be with people to talk to them. I FaceTime my friends and family instead of seeing them. Tanner fox, your dumb buddy. I hope next time you change your actions. Don’t go see people even when you feel like you have it. If you don’t feel good STAY HOME, HOW HARD IS THAT FOR YOU, AND ADULT, TO ME MATURE AND UNDERSTAND SERIOUS THINGS LIKE THIS. Goodnesss you make me mad. Bye😂

    Allison GlitheroAllison GlitheroPirms Mēneša
  • The Trump Virus is Everywhere, Take is Serious, Because God knows Trump isn't and that is why we are where we are !! We have a President that say's it's a Hoax. does anyone really wonder why this happening right now ? God Bless you all and hopefully you recover fully, Because the Long lasting Side effects can last a lifetime and be quite serious for years after. Hopefully you all take better precautions in the future.

    Marc BearMarc BearPirms Mēneša

    NET . .NET . .Pirms Mēneša
  • jake paul was a dik about it bro. hope u got better!!!

    WoolyWoolyPirms Mēneša
  • i see my neighbors throwing parties 😖

    Disturbed pup15Disturbed pup15Pirms Mēneša
  • He'll be fine he is like 20 and he is healthy and young. I tested positive too but my parents said I'll be fine because I have no medical issues and I'm really young and healthy I'm 13.

    Joaco's placeJoaco's placePirms Mēneša
    • They are just worried if I pass it to them or my 3 year old sister so I'm just quarantined in my room for now

      Joaco's placeJoaco's placePirms Mēneša
  • Completely fine... proof there is no virus... if people understood what the tests actually test positive on 😂

    Edderz XEdderz XPirms Mēneša
  • Deserved.

    ImNotSureImNotSurePirms Mēneša
  • Well this just clears up why the US has it so bad with this virus. In Victoria, Australia if you test positive you get $1500 from the government, you're not allowed to leave home for a minimum of 14 days and there are huge fines if you do. A full investigation is done as to who you have been in contact with, they ensure you have enough food and if you don't they'll organise it for you. In the US it's just a call saying "The CDC recommends you isolate for 14 days" Wow

    HamishHamishPirms Mēneša
  • Rip sorry

  • Dr. Zelenko's treatment protocol has been proven to be effective. There's also remdesevir.

    nothing1099nothing1099Pirms Mēneša
  • Did you're camera guy also quarantine?

    Amateur Wrestler 21Amateur Wrestler 21Pirms Mēneša
  • One like for tanner getting better 🙏😥 👇🏻

    VipMasters GamingVipMasters GamingPirms Mēneša
  • lol you actually deserve it for not taking the pandemic seriously. we always knew you was dirty as hell. your family should be ashamedddd

    Tina RoseTina RosePirms Mēneša
  • my question is why is his camera man there does he not care?!!!

    Joe JackoJoe JackoPirms Mēneša
  • When I saw positive I thought he meant like a pregnancy test but I’m dumb💀

    Karen’s OnlyKaren’s OnlyPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • deserved it

    LolToTBoBLolToTBoBPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • "i don't care" they were too stupid, to throw a HUGE party, don't y'all care about your families? i'm sorry, i just don't understand

    Varneta shanenVarneta shanenPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • I would have told all of them in person over the phone is kind of rude lol

    Shane PerkinsShane PerkinsPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Okay, so.. Thank you for posting this video and being transparent. Also thank you for including the phone call be cause that had some pretty good information for people who may need it. However, you have been irresponsible since the pandemic began and now your family is at risk. That's your fault. You need to accept that and take things more seriously in the future. It would also behoove you to use your platform to spread the message that masks must be worn and social distancing must be followed. It's your choice to be responsible, and if you choose to not do what's right, than that is ignorance. Plain and simple. This whole comment is directed to Tanner. I hope he's doing better as well as his family, and there's no hate or malice on my side. I hope more of these younger people wake up and start acting mature.

    Vanessa Van DownenVanessa Van DownenPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • By Joker Himself: You Get What You Fucking Deserved

    UnknownBuggerUnknownBuggerPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Has covid: still has a friend over 🤔

    Mk1 Rabbit GuyMk1 Rabbit GuyPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Then maybe you shouldn’t have gone to Jake Pauls party

    Emma BeyerEmma BeyerPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • nobody gives a single crap....

    Jacob GreerJacob GreerPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • I just got my symptoms today

    Dominick BrownDominick BrownPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Tanner talking to mum: I tested covid positive If it was my mum: u idiot how u calling me for something that's ur fault for being so stupid solve this on ur own I don't want nothing to do with it :/

    Xidi MuneneXidi MunenePirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • so so... he got corona virus??!?

    Jayyy4RealJayyy4RealPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • This video shows exactly why America has a massive issue with COVID spreading.

    MP498MP498Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • The fact that your so entitled, to go to a party knowing the FACT you had covid and now because of your selfishness someone's hospital. And also it isn't all your fault its also Jakes fault for not caring. But still do you really think people are gonna feel sympathy for you? YOU COULD'VE KILLED SOMEONE AT THIS RATE. As influencer I would've expected you to know better, you could've have fun when the pandemic is OVER. And that's on Periodt.

    JustRxainJustRxainPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • tested positive yet goes to Jake Paul's party, this dumb influencers are dying anyways..

    doughtnutsdoughtnutsPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • get recked

    SnarpSnarpPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Why is the camera man still next to him !!!!

    Aadrika SinghAadrika SinghPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • He tested postitive for HIV

    Aesthetic MedicAesthetic MedicPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • After 3 years watched him again, he looks like a homeless crackhead😭😭😭wtf

    Mythical Wacky StarMythical Wacky StarPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • 😍😍nice

    Mythical Wacky StarMythical Wacky StarPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • That’s good so yall naughty ass people who goes to party in a middle of pandemic without social distancing and mask wouldn’t affect the innocent people, so that’s good❤️❤️

    Mythical Wacky StarMythical Wacky StarPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Idk how people like this can be influencers or have such a following

    Cat RCat RPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • You complete idiot I know this a month old I don’t care we are In a pandemic and the people at the people are so stupid

    Jeness TorresJeness TorresPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • If y'all didn't act like a buncha kids

    Brian AngelBrian AngelPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • you deserve it🙃

    elmo nutelmo nutPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Let's hear the other people who are at the party say "I don't care" when they get the virus

    Xplosive [GD]Xplosive [GD]Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Wow who could have guessed you traveled everywhere and went to a party during a pandemic and mostly did not wear a mask and got corona none could have guessed

    Michelle KludtMichelle KludtPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • And the camera man?

    Marc-Antoine WallaceMarc-Antoine WallacePirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • I tested positive then a month later I had to get retested for work and tested positive again

    Montana wMontana wPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Tanner fox stay strong you can do it

    James MacDougallJames MacDougallPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Why doesn't this video have more dislikes

    Eve HemingwayEve HemingwayPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Omg I’m praying for you I know your going to be ok everything will be ok 💖💖💖 just take it slow ok

    Anime LoverAnime LoverPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Hey there is no such thing as less sever covid dam idiots this why everyone in cali going to get it and die hahaha

    Jamie CooperJamie CooperPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • I really don’t know how I got it! Seriously tanner! Obviously! All the people you’ve been around with over the years you make stupid videos!

    Marc MazzaMarc MazzaPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • And the camera guy is now positive too

    Anna FrajtováAnna FrajtováPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Wow! A lot of people are dogging your ass! Your 21 years old. Your a big boy and can make your own decisions. If someone disagrees with how you live your life than they shouldn’t be watching your videos. Your only hurting yourself and the people your around. This is your choice and your decisions. Take care and keep being you.

    Super MOMMY (The best Mom in the world!)Super MOMMY (The best Mom in the world!)Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Why was the camera just sitting there acting like they probably didn't just get the virus from being around tanner!

    Lyla WillisLyla WillisPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • He’s got covid yet filming it with a friend🤦‍♂️

    Julian RayJulian RayPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • The ignorance of the Paul's is disgraceful

    dinojoe23dinojoe23Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Idiot.

    colbyhannahcolbyhannahPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • ꃅꂦꅏ ꀸꂦꈤ꓄ ꌩꂦꀎ ꀘꈤꂦꅏ ꃅꂦꅏ ꌩꂦꀎ ꁅꂦ꓄ ꉓꂦꋪꂦꈤꍏ ᐯꀤꋪꀎꌗ

    ShadowoflifeShadowoflifePirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Hahahahahaha. Couple of things wrong with this video...they dont just ask for your name and birthdate for verification lol.

    Eric HoffmanEric HoffmanPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Saying he has covid for views. Dudes a savage. Looks like he has symptoms

    Eric HoffmanEric HoffmanPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • good for u 😚

    A.A.Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • I love how he knows he’s got covid and the cameraman is literally a foot away from Him

    ALEX-_-LTFCALEX-_-LTFCPirms 2 Mēnešiem
    • pretty sure he's filming by himself. He called his regular filmer in the video

      Owen LuoOwen LuoPirms 13 dienām
    • Same

      Evan odenEvan odenPirms 13 dienām
    • Thats what I was thinking

      Albus DumbledoreAlbus DumbledorePirms Mēneša
    • Yo I was Rey say that 😂😂

      KiddO YtKiddO YtPirms Mēneša
  • Recently all these youtubers and celebrities have this ‘I don’t care’ attitude about the virus, hell a lot of Americans share this attitude hence why it’s so bad there. It’s sad cuz most don’t care/take it seriously until they either get sick or someone dies close to them and that’s just a fact

    wHy_HeLlO_tHeRe FrIeNdwHy_HeLlO_tHeRe FrIeNdPirms 2 Mēnešiem

    BonkBonkPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • i wonder why

    Logan HallLogan HallPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Get well soon bro

    Kefilwe KgomoKefilwe KgomoPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • He didn’t make this video family friendly?

    Justin BMXJustin BMXPirms 2 Mēnešiem