I'm Changing My YouTube Channel...

14 jan 2021
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SUMMARY: I've decided to completely quit making Bedwars / PvP videos on Minecraft for the time being... I hate PvPing 12-year-old children with $400 gaming chairs while I sit on my Ikea office chair. When I first created my channel I never intended to make PvP videos again. I've done it before on old LVworld channels and had fun but for THIS channel I was planning on making videos that don't involve me getting completely shrekted by children who squeak like a mouse. My plan is to start creating more Minecraft-based videos that don't involve playing on servers and PvPing... if that makes any sense? My next couple of videos will be random Minecraft Survival / Hardcore / Let's Play / Mods etc... I wasn't satisfied with faking my enjoyment on videos while playing Bedwars, I only played Bedwars for the clout and to try to grow my LVworld channel enough to where I can stop making Bedwars content and move on to something I actually enjoy. I've decided to just follow what I want to do and what type of videos I want to make... without thinking about the number of views I will get. Goodbye Bedwars, servers, PvP videos for now... I hope you guys will come along the journey with me!
(no one read this whole thing hehe im just talking to myself :D)
(also watch the entire video cuz I need watch time... or just afk the video idc)
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✔ giving noobs EMERALDS on Bedwars: lvworld.info/face/video/nNisY36mhs-ikLo
✔ Gaming Setup Tour: lvworld.info/face/video/lKWlo2zWrcyihMw
✔ BEST bedwars christmas texture pack: lvworld.info/face/video/itnDl6Swa5GOcL4
✔ bedwars mousecam w/ Razer Viper: lvworld.info/face/video/e9uTeq3UjLuohZk
Thank you for clicking on this video and for watching! I have more awesome videos, so go watch them. Also, drop a like & comment, I respond to all my comments! ❤️️
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  • He left bedwars and it was all uphill after that

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    • facts

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  • IDC what vid you make ill watch it all the way though and leave a like :)

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  • Change is a good thing, and look where that got us.

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  • 3 months later 800,000 subs

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  • Cookie: says he’s sick of bedwars Also cookie : plays bedwars in the background

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  • i love your videos hope you never stop making videos :D luv u

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  • I was subbed a while ago, and discovered you through your bedwars videos, and when you left I was very upset. However, I recently came back, to rewatch some of your old videos, and discovered these new ones! Congratulations, your channel is thriving!

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