Getting LOST Inside a Massive Cave!

17 feb 2020
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We Got Lost inside a MASSIVE Mountain... (100 Year Old Mine)
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First Time in the Mine!:
We made a trip to Julian for some Julian Pie, then hit the Skatepark and start my first TFOX scooter camps, and then head off on a terrifying adventure where we dodge mountain Lions, and get completely lost inside a cave.. aka abandoned mine we found while back...


SNAPCHAT - tannerfoxx


Sony 16-35mm Lense

Rode Microphone

SD Card


Canon G7 X Mark II

TFOX Signature Scooter Wheels!


outro song!

  • Sad to see we r no where near getting 24 hour cave stay

    HenryHenryPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • I’d be hella scared for spiders

    Not ShadowNot ShadowPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • Imagine at 9:30, all of a sudden the "big" earthquake hits Cali. Youd be sealed in that bitch.

    Divine DriftDivine DriftPirms 5 Mēnešiem
  • Dudes sweatshirt, "pushin weight" hope he knows what that really means. Hes like "why do these cops keep looking at me"

    Divine DriftDivine DriftPirms 5 Mēnešiem
  • That little girl was a fan bro

    Jaime EspinoJaime EspinoPirms 6 Mēnešiem
  • Tub I love you tube love/ tube I love you tube line u cute of me AAA Ha.ha

    Gerry BalasbasGerry BalasbasPirms 7 Mēnešiem
  • Tanner tale addF/B

    Gerry BalasbasGerry BalasbasPirms 7 Mēnešiem
  • Lo$'sS soon tub3 lLo!gG

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  • This is like that other cave video

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  • when i herd your friend sing i instantly subbed

    bryson willsonbryson willsonPirms 7 Mēnešiem
  • Tanner Fox He gets tan And he’s an Fox

    Pyxl’sPyxl’sPirms 7 Mēnešiem
  • I have a tony hawk skateboard

    Paige KrausPaige KrausPirms 7 Mēnešiem
  • There is no comment

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    • Yeah

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  • Theres no comment anless madelyn and me and friem

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    • marcamiel jimenez yeah why

      friem ph gamingfriem ph gamingPirms 7 Mēnešiem
  • Wait why is there no comments on this video?

    Madelyn JonesMadelyn JonesPirms 7 Mēnešiem
    • Yeah

      friem ph gamingfriem ph gamingPirms 7 Mēnešiem
  • Maverick " when have I ever steered someone wrong "

    Allan WoodridgeAllan WoodridgePirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • 1:37 he said “my bad bruh”

    HekdbhekdjHekdbhekdjPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • Hlow bro Tanner Fox I'm from Philippines I hope I win a iPhone from you bro ... Hopefully you give me a gift from you bro🙏😇

    Frankie ElnasinFrankie ElnasinPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • what’s the song at 5:05

    Alex AndristAlex AndristPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • i think he said like maveric

    Jan WayJan WayPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • Bro tanner how are you so good on the scooter. A am so amazed😮😮😮😮

    Cameron MencCameron MencPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • 7:40 i would of turned back and went home after that

  • The new Tanner mine

    Marilena SUAREZMarilena SUAREZPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • My left ear jamming but my right ear is mad

    Jonathan MaturoJonathan MaturoPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • He said “feel bad for it”

    James AdcockJames AdcockPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • Tanners new style of editing is hilarious

    zack pinkowskizack pinkowskiPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • Tanner Fox love your video love the boys but I have to say I'm glad your mountain experience didn't become the real life Decent it is a horror movie you should watch it

    Freddy GonzalezFreddy GonzalezPirms 8 Mēnešiem
    • Almost forgot do you have any plans on making some baby merch

      Freddy GonzalezFreddy GonzalezPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • my name is julian from the place you guy ate pie at

    Julian CorderoJulian CorderoPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • Umm fuck im lost lmfao off who were the ovtheres peoples with yah man they look nice btw i love your vlogs soo much hey evry one make sure dat u sub

    Karen WellsKaren WellsPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • wtf tfox is like deji close to 10 mil subs but averages less than 250k a video

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  • 1:39 he said my bad bruh

    JohnnyBackwoodsJohnnyBackwoodsPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • Go again and explore it all the way

    Kort Lawson LawsonKort Lawson LawsonPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • I liked the funny song in the very beginning of the vid 😂

    Flips4 lifeFlips4 lifePirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • Good, Maverick is back.

    audience2audience2Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • 👮👮👮👮

    Zeenat KarriemZeenat KarriemPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • I’m so happy tanner is starting to ride more, let’s hope he starts riding in every video

    Brian RosenBrian RosenPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • That intro tho

    Fiyin AregbeFiyin AregbePirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • When the hot wheels finna be back in stock?

    _el_burro_malo_el_burro_maloPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • That’s Santa Isabelle not julian😂

    Cameron_PascarellaCameron_PascarellaPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • from the philippines,,i wacth all your videos and im a fan of yous..i hope i can have an iphone11 too...thanks..god bless you and your family...

    Roy Jun RuedasRoy Jun RuedasPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • There should be a tanner Fox v2 scooter

    anna Szczukiewiczanna SzczukiewiczPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • Gread vid with the kids!!!

    Chris DusekChris DusekPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • Wow that’s bull shit you did not even get lost

  • Washing hands in creek? Smart

    Swagy FNSwagy FNPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • Well all these youtubers give out money to strangers on camera say there not staged, me and my little ones have a bet i told them there staged he says not so we wanna see how generous they really are testing the waters , ill update at end of week on amounts donated me and sons cash app is $JBann908

    Joe BannJoe BannPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • I’m so glad tanners getting back the old gang with Maverick and Jake. Also jakes voice is 100X better than when he started

    zachary walserzachary walserPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • Why do you end your videos so stupid??

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  • Lii on be u mtvy

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  • Nobody asked

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  • like this so funny 😂

    Tom Boot_Tom Boot_Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • When have I steered you wrong ? Three teens were rushed to the hospital last night mega lol

    Hide and Seek brosHide and Seek brosPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • Whatever happened to the old tanner that I used to watch ? Now this one tryna start some rumors about people and went fake on his real friends

    Analisa MoralesAnalisa MoralesPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • I can only hear this out of one ear but when music plays I hear from both

    SalSalPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • Wow do u really edit all your videos? It is so impressive teach me please lol

    NameismattNameismattPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • Tanner I have you on Facebook messenger my name is harveyrennie

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  • He said remember

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  • My right ear would have loved to hear something.. DDDDD,: BUT, nevermind, i only use my left ear now, no problem. ^^

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  • Love u bro

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  • Wat is that the catacombs

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  • What is the song at 5:04 ?

    RzrRzrPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • At 1:39 Maverick said " remember it"

    sarah Moore7sarah Moore7Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • plzdo not die tanner fox than no more goood content

    bennett osburnbennett osburnPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • #claustrophobic

    joshy_iosjoshy_iosPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • she thinks a skate bord is a scoot

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  • 5:48 had me dead

    Jacob TurnpaughJacob TurnpaughPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • Happy to see maverick and Jake back in the vlogs

    Jacob TurnpaughJacob TurnpaughPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • Are you and Avalon still dating?

    ianh5970 ianh5970ianh5970 ianh5970Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • Anxiety level all time high watching you in the cave

    Granola_Girl_47Granola_Girl_47Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • Thank you for serving our country

    Turkey PearTurkey PearPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • What happened to tanners gf?

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  • Tanner is so scary about go in

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  • The kid at cool very good with kid

    Daniel Ortega wilsonDaniel Ortega wilsonPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • Me and the boys exploring a new cave while mining in Minecraft.

    MattMattPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • Take a stack of little cones next time to mark your way in and out?

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  • Is tanner still dating alvalon?

    Becca-RoseBecca-RosePirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • You're fucking stupid tanner the mountain could have collapsed or you could have ran into toxic gas🤦‍♀️

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  • Keep all the likes and dislikes even

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  • Fix your mic thanks.

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  • These kids are too much

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  • Gay boys in Julie

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    Paige LongprePaige LongprePirms 8 Mēnešiem

    Paige LongprePaige LongprePirms 8 Mēnešiem

    Paige LongprePaige LongprePirms 8 Mēnešiem

    Paige LongprePaige LongprePirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • left ear audio is louder :(

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  • *This is the amount of people that are under 18* 👇🏼

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  • Well if I get hurt the worst that can happen is I won’t get sent to Iran 🤣🤣

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  • Ughhhh why are u2 sharing pie?

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  • Lol literally hopped on this video and noticed me and tanner were wearing the same blank stripped shirt I see you tanner with that ASColour

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  • This feel like the good ole days 🥺😌

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  • Make more videos of real stuff like this tanner your hilarious when your scared 😂😂

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  • 11:53 rthats what she said lol

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  • Tanner is never brave without mavrick#

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  • mine craft in real life

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