Feeding Bill Gates a Fake Burger (to save the world)

12 feb 2020
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Sometimes the scientific method takes us to new frontiers. Thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates for partnering with me on this video. Check out the 2020 letter here: www.inflcr.co/SH1jF

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  • This one was quite a journey! I've been super busy filming and planning stuff. Got another vid comin in hot in about 2 weeks that's a real banger. Insta/Twitter/TicTok- @MarkRober

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    • Hempcrete is the way of the future regarding the concreting sector.

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    • Ha it's elon musk

    • Its TikTok

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    • This was really inspiring thanks mark • ͜ʖ•

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    • Idk

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  • The guy thought he was gonna cook for bill gates 4:18

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  • When you find that type of meat in the vegetable section at the shops

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  • I do meatless Monday and I added Wednesday to the meatless day

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  • 0:07

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  • If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian. Paul McCartney

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  • *NO*

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  • LOVE THAT XD LOOK SHES LIKE "............ ur lyin" see for yourself xd 8:01

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  • I am a vegetarian

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  • this is the best propaganda film I have seen bravo!

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  • 8:18 LoL

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  • It's cool it reduced carbon footprint, but it honestly tastes worse for me with the lingering after taste. Also it won't be scalable to the same degree with the amount of processing that goes into it. Still interesting video though.

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  • I’m vegan

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  • Awesome!

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  • 8:33 hey mark that’s illegal cause you copy me! Lol... Why?

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    • He didn’t copy you not to be rude but he probably Doesn’t even know who you are I do it to even befor I saw him do it it’s just fun-

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  • 2:35 Mark Rober: I’m gonna throw this puppy on the grill Me: YOUR GONNA THROW A PUPPY ON A GRILL!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!😲😵😲😵🤯😰🤯😰😳😯😳😯 Lol

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  • These burgers are heavily processed with the use of toxic vegetable-oils, don't eat them.

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  • plot twist: The Bill is a professional AI that Mark Rober made

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  • What is the music in the grocery shopping montage?

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  • .... maybe I should reconsider my diet choices.

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  • Bro just go vegan

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  • One day even plants will be inefficient so we will just start photosynthesis

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  • Ok, imagine people start to eat much less meat but what about all when the agrary industry expands and to increase production and lower the costs, they start messing with transgenic vegetables, I think you should have mention the problems that can cause the vegetables mass production to do a more fair comparison, because it has its disadvantages too, I mean genetically modified vegetables, we dont know the implications they can have in a long term for humans and for the plants themselves.

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  • BBQ gang stronk✊

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  • Tried it once a year ago or so, but wasn't really blown away by it. But having watched this video, I'll definitely try in at least a few more tries. It's the right thing to do.

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  • the plant meat guys keep getting better

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  • I still just can't believe he did a video with Bill Gates.

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  • :plant meat: *exists* :milk company's: *rapidly gaining milk*

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  • 9:20 IS THE MOMENT

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  • Well THAT explains why Gates has been buying up so much agricultural land in the USA. How much is it now, Bill? 300,000 Acres?

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    • Bill gates is sick in the head

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  • My favorite food has been burgers for a long time.

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  • thats why i am vegetarian

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  • This is just amazing I personally wanted to eat it, and amazing thing is it is an innnovation

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  • Hey mark you probably won't see this but if you think about it if all of us stopped eating meat the animals would over populate dont you think? I know it been a year lol

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  • me: also me: guess im vegan now

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  • the best way to stop climate change is to end global capitalism

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  • Veggie Patties

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  • The fattest animals in the wild are vegetarian. The leanest animals in the wild are meat eaters... imma stick to meat.

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  • Mark Rober : takes a bite Mark Rober off Camera : eats it all

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  • Keep up the great work

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  • I don't believe it's cheaper then beef. As it sells for 8$ for 2 patties. And it's 8$ for 6 ground chuck patties the same size so the math is not working out.

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  • I just ate some beyond burgers cooked at home. It's not the first or last time I'll eat it, I love meat and this stuff is a great substitute. It's amazing how far food science has come.

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  • Why are we trusting Bill in regards to emissions etc. What are his creds?

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  • YOU TRICKED ME MAWK ROVVAA wth is these words xD kids are funny

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  • 8:33 why do i do this everytime i see an automatic door? just me? ok

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  • yeah but young people need meat to grow

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  • Bill for the biggest champ 2021

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  • I support organic farmers grass feed no antibiotics . im still going to eat meat.

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  • Go learn food recycle

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  • What if your a vegetarian (me)

  • El youtuber del diablo. Que miedo.

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  • so 36 million clicks GO EAT FREAKING PLANT MEAT NOW!

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  • After you’re video I was so motivated that I made myself a peanut butter sandwich

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  • I like meat 🥩 meat is tasty

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  • Thank you Mark

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  • A year old video but well done, you're half way there towards being half way there, lol. Never mind, just a little "in" joke, but this video was wonderful to watch from someone who's been into the veggie thing since the early eighties, thank you :)

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  • the video makes a lot of sense. however, it still doesn't make me stop eating meat. I'm not a big beef consumer anyway, so I'm going to stick to chicken and the occasional pork and lamb. plus, I don't eat meat on a daily basis so I feel ok about myself.

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  • After watching this I will take a look at what it costs. I am on a fixed income so cost unfortunately is everything. I have to be able to feed me and my son for a month on a set amount of money.

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  • when elon musk is now the richest guy in the world-

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  • So it's mostly soy and oil. Not healthy.

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  • The best part was when he told the kids it has no meat in it 🤣

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  • And also you really agreeing with an old man I'm not saying like I'm just saying that you trust him doesn't mean he has the most money and that he's smart and that made technology doesn't mean his smart smart smart smart smart 🤓🤓 smart

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  • Vitamin b12?

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  • yea but was it bussin mark?

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  • How did you get bill gates?

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  • Me: *eating chick-fill-a while watching this video* Oh Kay then!

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  • u tricked me merk rovver

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  • Mi

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  • If you really want to be a vegetarian than try cottage cheese i have been eating it from my childhood i am a pure lactovegetarian

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  • Hopefully there will be a meat for chicken and chicks because they kill 4 for a kids meal at McDonalds Pls make there be a chicken meat from plants i dont wanna see those baby chicks die and eat them we dont need to see them die but still

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  • Plot twist: it's been real meat all along 🤔🤔

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  • did you have to travel to meet him

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  • As soon as he said it cost half as much I was in 😂

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  • You can take my cow but you can't take my goat

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  • Sorry I have a nut allergy.... So yeah ill take my burger with EXTRA animal cruelty please.

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  • No thank you, I like my hamburger with extra animal cruelty.

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