FACE REVEAL of PZ9 MELVIN - Spending 24 Hours Unmasking a Project Zorgo Hacker Spy Ninjas Challenge

27 dec 2019
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After Chad Wild Clay made the video "Whatever You Draw, I'll Buy It Challenge - Best Drawing Wins Christmas Present of Friend Hacker PZ9", Vy Qwaint created "PZ9 REVEALS HIS FACE IF CHAD BEATS HIM IN A BATTLE ROYALE! SPY NINJAS Hacker Unmasking Challenge", and Daniel uploaded "PZ9 is SORRY for LEAVING SPY NINJAS & REGINA Undercover Disguise as Blue Man Group to Trick Hackers" to the Exposing Project Zorgo LVworld channel after the Spy Ninjas lost the You Draw I Buy challenge, they decided to put PZ9 to the test but setting him up. We went in disguise as undercover hackers and used spy gadgets like a spy camera security system to see what he does when he is home alone. Will he hack my LVworld or destroy the safe? He did not and passed the test! Now it is time to do a face reveal of Melvin! Today is the day we do an unmasking challenge! We quizzed him with Spy Ninja trivia, made him do fruit ninja soda chopping, walk across the plank in an underwater pool challenge, show off his ninja moves, and he won the game! Now we will see Melvin's face for the first time! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2019!
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    • Do you have a crush on Regina

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    • Danny boy were do you live o and tell the spy ninja that is sow pz9 he found pz he joined the hq

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  • We are so lucky to have melvin as a spy ninjas so he can get info on project zorgo

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  • Bruh whos scared of there face i know he hasint seen his face in a year or something but who its just weird?

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  • I love the spy ninja like if you do❤

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  • Maybewhere can we do something funonummmmmmaybe you can play a disc and I can play it with Chadhey selfI am going to download this gameoh and also I want to bea spy Ninja

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  • 8:18 is Daniel ok?

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  • We are the spy ninjas that I’ve been practicing my Spanish can you tell me where you live so I can come meet you Videos I want you to be my friend and we can I love her videos of anybody practicing skills and I’m happy because you guys are the best I love you guys very much lake make your videos and I’m just happy

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  • It has been a year since melvin took his project zorgo mask even though there has been some pretty hard times of melvin bettad the spy ninjas badly

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  • PZ9 4+5=6

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  • When pz9 was like AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA it was to funny

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  • U now that vy said his name at the plank cart weel

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  • Hey Chad what does that mask smell like

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  • 7:31 I give it a 100 out of 10!

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  • You are my favorite LVworldrs

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  • Ew so gross when Melvin poord water in his mouth

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  • The new spy ninjas 🥷

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  • I bet mevin will become a hacker again

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  • Call him melvin

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  • I have the same mask but I’m on ur guys team !

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  • Vy said you can do it Melvin

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