Eminem - Higher (Official Video) Explicit

23 jan 2021
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Eminem - Higher (Official Music Video)
Music video by Eminem performing Higher. © 2021 Marshall B. Mathers III, under exclusive license to Interscope Records

  • Ò see below and click the noto tab here on a few days of this year or at a later age of a child in school at school in a new York school and I am going for an extra hour and then it will go on for two days or more than two years of life but it will take me away

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  • 😘😘😘كلاش ديدين كلاش ههههههههه

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  • Yes old school 🎵💪 Eminem is every day good ✌ #gangsta

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  • He is still the f ing man. Been following him since I was 11 years old, Lose yourself changed the game for me. 19 years later I'm still following him. The GOAT.

    Tommy VilésTommy VilésPirms Stundas
  • This is the most cringey thing I think I've ever seen.

    Sir Tyson BrunoSir Tyson BrunoPirms 2 Stundām
  • Holy shit 2021 is getting slowly better...

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  • Hellyeah

    Karter DrakeKarter DrakePirms 2 Stundām
  • Don't be connecting in the moddle.with those weights slim. Damn

    Mikie WallMikie WallPirms 2 Stundām
  • Good, but not one of his best

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  • WTF in the interview Eminem looks like cgi

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  • LL Cool J feelings on this video

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  • The OG EMINEM 🐐🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  • 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐GOAT

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  • 💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥

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  • Yeahh man kill itt 🍁🍁🍁🍁👳

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  • Man good💙💙

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  • Best of the world !!!!

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  • SHADY saved me from my worst days The only LIVING Rapper right in this timeline dat gave me inner strength 2 survive from the hell dat I was suffering before...!

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  • Battle Harry Mack.

    Rudy ContrerasRudy ContrerasPirms 5 Stundām
  • I want eminem and ocean wisdom

    derek marshallderek marshallPirms 5 Stundām
  • This man is a legend, he'll be here after I die, after my kids and their kids, he is immortal. He is...... tge immortal Legend.

    Dustin CrystalDustin CrystalPirms 5 Stundām
  • You would think since you've been around for a while now, you would treat people better, especially your top fans, like NF. Can't believe you, Em. You're as mentally stable as a chewed cable. :/

    Brandi DewanouBrandi DewanouPirms 5 Stundām
    • "You're as mentally stable as a chewed cable" "There's a three-legged table in this bitch"

      Gangsta Doo DooGangsta Doo DooPirms 5 Stundām
  • :)

    Arda ŞenArda ŞenPirms 5 Stundām
  • The legend is back

    Berkins JohnBerkins JohnPirms 5 Stundām
  • Eminem is like a father to most of us....but just saying.... NF crew is coming in hot. Give respect to the new king 😏✌☝

    Jesse DurantJesse DurantPirms 5 Stundām
  • Muslim Fans Yesss!! 🔥 : eminem Booo.!!! : mc gregor

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  • "there is no time for tolerance". I agree with this. Shady!

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  • If you do well, will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin is crouching at the door. Its desire is contrary to you, but you must rule over it.” Next ceiling?

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  • 2pac is king of hip hop. Eminem is rap God of hip hop. Respect for both artists.

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  • This song gives me so much motivation I'm Oding😂😂😂😂

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  • This man is the shit. Fuck you gen z trying.to cancle him we should cancel you

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  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍

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  • I don't miss the old shady

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  • I am Thai, but thank you very much for Pebong.

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  • eminem thanks for your music helps though times


    Daniel TabakovDaniel TabakovPirms 9 Stundām
  • Are you in france really ?? should come around i'm near Perpignan, I could make you visit around

    Arno ComreArno ComrePirms 9 Stundām
  • Carai

    Zezinha gostosaZezinha gostosaPirms 10 Stundām
  • BABBYYYYY 😍😍😍😍

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  • Almost 1m likes.

    ariana grandeariana grandePirms 12 Stundām
  • Lyrical rapping is 100% better than mumble rapping

    RamiroThePersonRamiroThePersonPirms 12 Stundām
  • I think the vid has many epic shots, what do you guys think?

    Priyam ChaudhuryPriyam ChaudhuryPirms 12 Stundām
  • Best song

    Oliver KavčákOliver KavčákPirms 12 Stundām
  • He's bad ass... Great video

    MR GMR GPirms 13 Stundām
  • He’s the goat forever

    Cx_Sicko YtCx_Sicko YtPirms 13 Stundām
  • you are a real rapgod eminem

    Naman VermaNaman VermaPirms 13 Stundām
  • Am I the only one that adds a lot of comments just to get likes? I sure hope not

    Lander VelezLander VelezPirms 14 Stundām
  • I listed to this song while i was sleeping and the minute i woke up I grew HIGHER

    Lander VelezLander VelezPirms 14 Stundām
  • I'm just throwing this out. Snoop dog said L L cool j was on his best rappers, right and u got Em, doing a video that looks like LL cool j mamma gone knock u out. So is this Like 4 snoop dog.

    Jeff the StonerJeff the StonerPirms 15 Stundām
  • I’m so used to watching his old vids and now he looks so much more different and sounds different

    Minecraft man894Minecraft man894Pirms 15 Stundām
  • Omg he has Dana White in his video!

    Lori LorenaLori LorenaPirms 16 Stundām
  • lvworld.info/face/video/m76WfYXPnpqinJU

    Funny dawg momentsFunny dawg momentsPirms 16 Stundām
  • Hold up: I loved this song, but I've got to ask this since it bugged me the whole time. At 0:55 is that Shayna Baszler?

    Jarrett PowersJarrett PowersPirms 17 Stundām
  • Freaking Love it, Eminem / Marshall Mathers and huge UFC fan, doesn't get any better than this and how about #UFC259 Amanda Nunes is a killer "GOAT"

    Eric MartinEric MartinPirms 17 Stundām
  • Best to ever do it

    smitty jergensonssmitty jergensonsPirms 18 Stundām
  • Anyone notice how he pay homage to LL cool j “mama said knock you out” ?

    Shawn HevenerShawn HevenerPirms 18 Stundām
  • The dislikers need to do a Covid Test. Cause one of the symptom is having no taste

    StanStanPirms 18 Stundām
    • good one

      Sea MithSea MithPirms Stundas
    • Great original comment, bro

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    • 😂😂👌

      jamie juryjamie juryPirms 10 Stundām
    • 👍 Ha,ha. Great comment! Love it. 😄

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  • The best part of my life is that i didnt learn English in school but in youtube

    Lander VelezLander VelezPirms 19 Stundām
  • Teacher: which test can you pass without studying: Me : COVID - 19 TEST

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  • 🐐👈🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  • I was listening this song while taking a sh*t haha

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  • OMG. I LOVE it. Eminem I love you. Your AWESOME 💙

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  • Gen z needs to take notes what real rap sounds like. Not that mumbling trash.. go eat tide pods and stfu

    Kandise SenterKandise SenterPirms 20 Stundām
    • @leo A Ah da da da da da.... ah da da da da da da da da da da da isn't a melody.

      Gangsta Doo DooGangsta Doo DooPirms 5 Stundām
    • Why are you mad that people prefer melodies? Is that your problem?

      leo Aleo APirms 20 Stundām
  • Damn where'd you learn the f****** burn people like that! Lol I thought that was the best thing you could have said to the guy

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  • I need DNA speakers badly lol

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  • How unfortunate my speakers don't go higher in my ears

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  • Great Video - keep up the Great Work !

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  • lvworld.info/face/video/ibuOl27GmM18Zq4

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  • "'Cause all I wanted to do's be the Bruce Lee of loose leaf" I think you are

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  • I think I'm in love with this Eminem

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  • Add subtitles pls

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  • Luv u

  • We as "STANS" need to get these New eminem videos to 1milli Lego 🔥🔥

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  • He's lost it... Sad

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  • ⭐💛⭐

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  • 👌

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  • My dad called you the goat 🐐. He's right

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  • please cut your beard ._.

    Romix 987Romix 987Pirms dienas
  • This is officially my favorite Em song now

    Foster UkahFoster UkahPirms dienas
  • Eminem and dre next on the mic I reckon... Bring the cool school songs back. These a veterans in the game 🎮🎯

    Oliver GamblesOliver GamblesPirms dienas
  • 996K=24=7...I'd put my 💰 or respect on U any day of the week..

    NEONEOPirms dienas
  • lets see how many people still here ! +1

    Dinos koutDinos koutPirms dienas
  • Eminem should just diss the whole gen z. Idec that I am one. I would love to see that happen

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  • hi Bro i'm From Ukraine )) and Add to my chanel ! PEACE OF WORLD!!

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  • 2:52 omg bosniahh flag im from bosiah

    AnisKadric HDAnisKadric HDPirms dienas
  • 2236: eminem new song, and it is as good as in 2021

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  • They can never cancel him no how hard they try the man did Stan (live) with Elton John. The man put put an album inspired by Allred Hitchcock

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  • ماشالا داداش بهت افتخار میکنم

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  • Eminem is the best rapper

    UltramarineUltramarinePirms dienas
  • Mx

    Criz Ligth ACriz Ligth APirms dienas
  • Like that one

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  • I left a simple comment about Eminem being a bully, a while ago.And this video about the UFC surfaced. Holy shit was this video created because of me ??? I posted MGK should challenge Eminem to an episode of bully beatdown on MTV sort of like a UFC fight.Just because Eminem was bullied doesn't give him the right to do it to other people. What up with who Eminem will fight UFC style ??? Who wants to see a real challenge between the two. Or is it just a front from EM ??? Did I hear somebody say action ??? Let's see !!!👀 Who's your money on ??? Please give me your response if you read this shit. On some celebrity death match shit. For real , Let's make this fight happen. Maybe Eminem wants to fight me too. Answer back Eminem you ain't to big. I'm a victim of severe bulling too. But it made me grow a backbone. I learned from EM don't take shit from no one. Fuck off🚑

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  • The one thing I know is this music video is a reference to the old LL cool J music video

    Nintendofan14 altNintendofan14 altPirms dienas

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  • It should consider crime not to add subtitles in EMiNeM videos.

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  • Tupac is waching with a smile to this from heaven

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  • Is he saying he's leaving? Like someone's trying to shut him down and he's like fighting it cool rn. Everyone pls like subscribe and shareeeeeeee. We don't want Eminem to disappear.

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  • Who paused to breath for him