30 Amp DIY Wiring Updates for 4000W Heater

7 jan 2021
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Remember my video I installed a heater: lvworld.info/face/video/rquie3vJoZVmk6o
I went back and made some necessary changes thanks to your comments!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

  • Did you catch my typo "Fauilure" in the video?! hopefully not! I should check my texts better!

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    • i love you electroboom

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    • @Stephen Su he is named medhi

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    • hi, medhi,are you going to add battery storage for you solar?

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    • lvworld.info/face/video/q7PDiIXAo7CqsL4

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    • Are you Muslim

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  • Handi box with switch and junction. Awesome . Should change that a 1900 with a single mudd ring

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  • Carelessness around bus bars . Live bus bars . Hmmm .

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  • Electro boom: makes video Anything electricity related: I’m bout to end this mans whole career

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  • lets be honest here this dude is actually wants to show us how human body reacts to different types of electric shocks by demosntrating his body's reflexes/receptors. thats all on this channel. like some future cyborg movie plot,the one that travels past just to save the creator, that repeats for several sequel movie ,using the same plot.

  • Now just rotate the 30A receptacle so the ground is at the top, as per code.

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  • EVery YT videos: hearts there own comments reply there own comments and pin You: nah only pin

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  • hallo there im just a dumbe Danish electrician, and was wondering why you are using steel armoured cable??? here in Denmark we are only using it when there are a hige risk of rodent

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  • 1% of Electroboom viewers here to learn 99% looking to see Mehdi shock the sh*t out of himself 😂

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  • Sir seens to buy a Tesla❤️

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  • All single-phase receptacles installed for the connection of electric vehicle charging that are rated 150 volts to ground or less, and 50 amperes or less shall have ground-fault circuit-interrupter protection for personnel.

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  • If there should be a short in the heater it could start burn...I don't think so, because in case of a short you will have sufficiant amps to flip the breaker. Anyway, just leave the cables and use a 20amp breaker for now...for the future, just to do things correct, next time just throw two 20amp lines or one 30amp with a additional fusebox there... what I want to say is that you should not connect anything not rated for 30amps to a line which is fused by 30amps...and nearly nothing is rated for 30amps...try to find power-sockets for example... ...gimme that meter!! ;-)

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  • US-amerikanisch aus Tirol

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  • I would love to see you doing Redstone stuff on minecraft.

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  • perpetual motion m/c ?. what do u rekon to the idea for extracting energy from wood unsing a Induction Heater and wood in a enclosure to make wood gas that runs a generator.

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  • Hello mr BOOM, i have to ask you a question: while trying to make a ac to dc converter , in order to make the end current as flat as possible between capacitors and inductors, which one is more effective? I tried asking my teacher and his suggestion was to use inductors for high voltage and to use capacitors for low voltage. Can you lead me to a way to get flattest possible output? Thanks for the content.

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  • Dear ElectroBoom, I recently found out that microwaves and wifi routers share the same wavelength. I immeadeatly came to the conclusion that you would be the best person ever to build a microwave wifi router, so with a 1000w signal. so that you have wifi at over 500m? maybe even over 1km?

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  • i waiting for your next video

  • whenever I see this North American cabling, I think something like that I would have expected in India

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  • Dammit mehdi that Explosion made me jump 😂

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  • With all that fast flying finger pointing, I was waiting for him to hit one of those exposed blades in the box.

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  • Low it at hi speeds and conect it to a hi voltog

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  • Is it just me or was mehdi in an Apple ad

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  • U so Dom u conect somfing wen it’s heated

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  • 0:49 dankpods anyone?

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  • As an electrician this all checks out.

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    • Although there is a connector that can be inserted inside of the breaker (fuse) panel to connect the MC cabling correctly... but given the hole size drilled is smaller than the knockout it won't fit.

      Mitch ReedMitch ReedPirms dienas
  • Waiting for your 4 million subs team reveal😁

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  • Hello! Can you please make Russian subtitles? You're watching the Russian audience

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  • Today please

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  • If you want from me to make subscribe make a video you make funny thing but it is not dangerous

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  • Hello everyone. I started to be interested in electronics, so i started to do some experiments. But i stumbled upon an issue I am having 2 batteries connected in series. For both of them i get 2.79V and 2.90 Amps, so a total of 8.09 Watts I connected them as input for a voltage booster. At the voltage booster output i get 38.3V and 0.78 Amps, a total of 29.8 Watts. I know that the laws of energy conservation states that the input power must be equal with the output power. Why input watts are different from the output? I am doing something wrong, or increasing the volts using the voltage booster makes the battery give more power? Please reply, i will be grateful

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  • Do video of pass current to magnet to magnet

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  • his last words will be be "oh sh** f***"

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  • What would happen if you plugged in a phone adapter into another phone adapter and plugged it in

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  • Does anybody know any suggestions for learning more on electromagnetic fields work and creating a circuit, like books to read? I want to learn more about electronics

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  • Just kidding

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  • Or get exploded

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  • Also that is a breaker panel, not a fuse panel.

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  • I think Mehdi should do Instagram lives, you know just meet his fans. I would just love to talk to him. I can't go to Canada. Please Mehdi. For the love of God......

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  • @5:35 it is called a cable grommet.

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  • Well hes still alive which is good...dont die mehdi

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  • German electric is so much better (saver)!?

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  • dont have reddit but I can say this: My mom wanted to ground me. So i told her i was connected to a life wire

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  • Pls can you rectify this:

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  • 8:06 My heart: yup, that's my stop.

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  • I like the caterpillars above your eyes and the way they dance. :))

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  • you make my life better every nanosecond

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    • can you do a vid about opening computer psus please. A lot of searching some say it is very dangerous to open up even a disconnected psu due to the large capacitors which

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  • First time when I saw his thumbnail I was thinking that he is that boring teachers that teaches science ,but I was wrong

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  • How much did you pay for your electric bills

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  • 1:14 how about you do the smarter thing. Not have guests over. From one perspective, not having guests over is an absolute way to garantuee they wont catch your cold. Umm i mean Chinese Communist Virus GAHHH i mean Corona Virus/COVID-19. It's a surefire method that garantuees both their safety and yours. Or, from a different perspective, If the globalists in DC want us to *antisocial* distance, and not socialize, over something so non-lethal to human health, then i guess we have to do that.

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  • Can you plz do a video on this EMP Shield and see if it's legit? www.empshield.com/product/vehicle/

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  • Learn from what he actually says & understand what he’s talking about: ❌ Enjoy seeing him suffer from shocking himself over and over: ✅

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  • Hai why can you Change your yt profile

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  • I have an idea Mehdi! Try to run on your phone a 50, 100, 200 hz sawtooth wave, then put the phone's internal speaker to your lip, and try to speak, without using your voice. This is going to be interesting :) if you sucsessfully did it, try to create a device, was doing the same. I dont know how i call this device, but you can do a robotic voice :D

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  • can you do a vid about opening computer psus please. A lot of searching some say it is very dangerous to open up even a disconnected psu due to the large capacitors which can deliver a shock that can kill, even days after being unplugged. Can you cover this, how much truth is there to it, how safe is it to open one up to clean it or change a fan etc. Thanks.

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  • Sir i made a capacitor by seeing your old video. But the problem is that it is not working as you said.

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  • can you make a free energy device

  • *Important note:* You're usually allowed to do what's he's doing only if you're the owner and under some other specific conditions. Otherwise, call a certified electrician. ;) Thanks for the great video!

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  • @ElectroBOOM you should make a voice controlled lamp which can change the light color and the intensity(like intensity at 20% or 50%). To make it more difficult it should only recognize your voice.

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  • Wear gloves when you do this

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  • I Should laugh if I see some more shocks In this video will be funny if you guys laugh already? My laughs: only 3 laughs account well no shocks but I laugh only 3 times

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  • Dear electroboom, question, is it possible that using pizzoelectric speakers from old birthday cards to make ultrasound cleaner with simple modulated recording?

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  • Use a diesel generator

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  • Did you install that 240V outlet to make sure you're safe when your sister-in-law comes for a visit ;) ?

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  • A good engineer doesn't mean a good electrician

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  • I'm very disappointed that there was only one nuclear explosion! Usually you are electrocuted 5+ times! Please be a little more reckless in the future!!

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    • He’s really funny.

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  • Wait. I thought "anti-shorts" are what Greek men wear at the beach.

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  • People complaining about "heating up the outdoors" are ignorant about how these heaters work. Unlike an HVAC system that uses convection (pulling in cold air, warming it, and distrbuting it), these heaters are radiant in function. They don't warm the air; they warm surfaces within a specific distance from the heat relector. Back to school, you kids!

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  • Hey, and sorry if this is a stupid question but I have to ask it. Why did you use metal cable sheathes instead of plastic ones in the first place?

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  • Can you do a Video explaining the wall speed control for an AC electric motor?? Like a fan speed control with a TRIAC and a DIAC. I cant make myself visualize how that changes output Frequency!! thanks!! love your Videos!

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  • 1:29, you're living in Canada, a country almost entirely powered by hydroelectricity and nuclear power which are already "clean" so your electricity is almost 100% carbon free, you don't need any solar panels !

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    • On top of that, there is no nuclear power in BC so the electricity here is 100% renewable.

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