$10 VS $1,000 ICE FISHING! *Budget Challenge*

10 jan 2021
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We had different amounts for this budget challenge to go ice fishing! The goal was to catch a fish with whatever ice fishing supplies you could afford to get. We got to see the difference between a $10 ice fishing set up and a $1,000 ice fishing set up!
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  • I am 10 I have cached about 28k fish

    Jordan bmxJordan bmxPirms 4 Minūtes
  • Train gain

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  • lvworld.info/face/video/icqrdZHXYq52bdg

    amazing fishingamazing fishingPirms 7 Stundām
  • You all was so loud that's why you can't catch fish

    Emilis 2004Emilis 2004Pirms 8 Stundām

    Alicia McNamaraAlicia McNamaraPirms 10 Stundām

    Alicia McNamaraAlicia McNamaraPirms 10 Stundām
  • Me

    Stephanie WatkinsStephanie WatkinsPirms 12 Stundām
  • They have a ice scoop to get the ice out of the hole and most people ice fish with minnows not worms

    TheEvilGamer485TheEvilGamer485Pirms 13 Stundām
  • What you do is if there is any ice in the hole you get rid of it so you can but your worm down

    Bradley LeCountBradley LeCountPirms 13 Stundām
  • you guys have to learn before you go and fish

    Christine HullChristine HullPirms 14 Stundām
  • I like how they have a thousand dollars and they can’t get the hook. in the water

    WES SummersWES SummersPirms 14 Stundām
  • Nooo train gag

    Adrana ContrerasAdrana ContrerasPirms 15 Stundām

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  • “Better not hear another Star Wars thing” Me, who’s a Star Wars fan: *”i’m not welcome here.”*

    Baby BebbiBaby BebbiPirms 15 Stundām
    • I like star wars

      Reuben MuddeReuben MuddePirms 9 Stundām
  • Train gang!

    Telma lemusTelma lemusPirms 15 Stundām
  • Who is ten and under and has caught a lot more fish than justin

    Gamer PugzGamer PugzPirms 16 Stundām
  • ME: break the ice!!! Dustan: why won't the worm go in the hole.

    Zachary MichaudZachary MichaudPirms 16 Stundām
  • 🐢gang

    Gaming TurtleGaming TurtlePirms 16 Stundām
  • Train gang

    Autry ProvinceAutry ProvincePirms 20 Stundām
  • As a Avid fisherman myself this hurts me

    Cskdjf HzksjciCskdjf HzksjciPirms 21 Stundas
  • My dad works at clam outdoors and enjoys watching this.

    JJ FishingJJ FishingPirms 23 Stundām
    • That’s cool

      Scott PatenaudeScott PatenaudePirms Stundas
    • He likes to see that they had ice armor and ice houses from clam

      JJ FishingJJ FishingPirms 23 Stundām
  • TRAIN GANG!!!!!!

    Camden KonegniCamden KonegniPirms dienas
  • This is a disgrace

    Mattheo TsebelisMattheo TsebelisPirms dienas
  • Great choice of shelter and bibs! 👍

    Clam OutdoorsClam OutdoorsPirms dienas
  • TRAIN GANG (lol)

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  • Nba

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  • Just going to say I got some of that merch for Christmas it's so comfy

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  • Am I the only one that cringed when he screwed his real

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  • As a true hardcore bass fisherman and occasional tournament angler this makes me cringe 🤣 good job guys!

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  • Trance gang

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  • Hi

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  • I don’t think they realize that the fish can get free of the line they don’t just sit there and wait to be pulled up

    Cosmo DaysCosmo DaysPirms dienas
  • This pained me to watch😬

    Keaton OpieKeaton OpiePirms dienas
  • this guys are a disappointment to ice fishing the don't even know what to do and the people didn't even buy a rod they are stupid

    Evie DegravellesEvie DegravellesPirms dienas
  • TRAIN GANG and you guys kinda suck at fishing no offense

    Charles LongCharles LongPirms dienas
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  • I love train game he’s my most favorite

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  • Train gang didn’t work this time

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  • I guess Im in train gang always cuz my Middle name is Thomas... help

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  • Im no Fisher man but I have experience with fishing all you need is to have patience and time that's all you don't move the fishing rod the fish moves it self

    official music bucksofficial music bucksPirms 2 dienām
  • You guys should do a budget challenge of a snow ball fight

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  • Wam Bam Thank You Ma'am

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  • Train gang!

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  • 9:45 I'm it is random

    Florence SharpeFlorence SharpePirms 2 dienām
  • That is not how you loosen up ur line you flip the switch like thing on the rod then it just falls the when u want it to stop falling you grab the line and then flip the switch again.

    BullakaBOOM GamingBullakaBOOM GamingPirms 2 dienām
  • This is sad I am 12 and this is bad. I have got a Muskie at 10. I git that they just started to fish and They don’t have anyone to help teach them it’s good that they are fishing for the first time. I just cringe and they have done good for the 1st time fishing.

    Wallace TaylorWallace TaylorPirms 2 dienām
  • Hey guys so it’s my brother and my birthday on January 21th we are going to wolf lodge with my family in Colorado Springs it’s me and my brothers dream to meet you guys we love your videos please come to wolf lodge in Colorado Springs please come!! Please comment back so we can find a time to meet PLEASE YOU HAVE TO COME PLEASE!!

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  • justin how do you not know how to fish maybe me and my father could show you

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  • You guys should get someone to bring you out and teach you cause yall know nothing

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  • When he said ice fish 😂😂

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  • Justin is hilarious

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  • sorry i'm about to cry there soo bad at fishing :(

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  • sorry derail the train gang. also idea: school budget challenge: each get a room and a budget to make the best school.

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  • They know absolutely nothing about fishing


  • 17:33 if you would hold the pole right you might

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  • Train gang for live

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  • Do a magnet fishing challenge please

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  • im suprised he didnt get the hook in his finger

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  • Justin sucks

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  • Same

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  • Me and my daughter love this channel

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  • Lol

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  • Channel

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  • Me and my daughter love this challenge

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